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Party Bus Prices, Specials and Itineraries - Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is the itinerary?
ANSWER: You make your own arrangements. you tell us where you want to go, and we will take you there.

QUESTION: What is your Round Trip Service?
ANSWER: Pick up at one location, drop off at one location, a minimum of 3 hours, and return to pickup location. Cost depends on the bus, pickup and drop off locations. Call for quote.

QUESTION: What does the Deposit cover?
ANSWER: The deposit reserves the party bus of your choice for your requested date. The deposit is the first hour rental for the bus. The balance is then due in cash or can be processed on your credit card upon arrival of the bus.

QUESTION: What is the Cancellation process?
ANSWER: cancellations must be advised within 72 hours of the day of rental. A cancellation can be subject to being refundable depending on the situation.Whether related (snow, etc.)

QUESTION: Is gratuity included?
ANSWER: 20% gratuity is added to the posted hourly rate. Tips can be given to the driver.

QUESTION: When does the hourly rate begin?
ANSWER: The hourly rate begins upon arrival at first pick up point, not departure of pick up point.

QUESTION: Is there a minimum amount of time?
ANSWER: Our minimum is 3 hours, some exceptions do apply. Call for details. 

QUESTION: What are the rates during the holidays?
ANSWER: We have specials every holiday, contact us for the special rates, or packages. 

QUESTION: What if the bus is late?
ANSWER: We make every effort to be on time. Sometime due to traffic and other circumstances not in our control, the bus could be a late. Your time will be extended to compensate.

QUESTION: Where can i take the bus?
ANSWER: Your itinerary, you decide,and let us know.

QUESTION: Can the bus just drive us around or do we have to get on and off the bus?
ANSWER: The bus can be used as you like.

QUESTION: Can we bring our own alcohol?
Yes. But, we do NOT provide alcohol of any kind. Please be advised all patrons must be of legal age to have alcohol on the bus.

QUESTION: Does everyone have to be 21?
ANSWER: If there is alcohol on the bus, everyone must be 21. You will be required to show ID to the driver. 

QUESTION: What if people under 21 are found to be drinking on the bus?
ANSWER: The ride will be immediately terminated, no refund will be issued.

QUESTION: What if there is any fighting or vandalism in or to the bus during a rental?
ANSWER: The ride will be immediately terminated, no refund will be issued.

QUESTION: Can we smoke?

QUESTION: Who is responsible for damage to the bus?
ANSWER: The person that rents the bus is responsible for any cost to repair the damage. See contract for details.

QUESTION: Can we request meals, exotic entertainment, and decorations?
ANSWER: Yes, but we may not always be able to fill these requests. Call for any details.

QUESTION: Is Music provided?
ANSWER: No. But, there is a surround sound system and iPOD connection provided for you to listen to your own taste of music. Bring along your CD's and iPOD's!

QUESTION: Is there any other charges?
ANSWER: Yes, 20% gratuity is added and 10% gas surcharge is added to the posted hourly rate.

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